All our leather products are handcrafted using high quality genuine leather. There will be variation of grain and base colour from piece to piece, due to the natural characteristics of the leather. These characteristics enhance the natural beauty of the product and combine to create authentic and unique pieces.

We also enhance the natural beauty of our leathers using overdying, washing and hand burnishing techniques. It is important to note that these processes will mean every piece is slightly different to the other, in colour variation, slight size differences due to variation in shrinkage and variation in hand feel. We make every effort to show a true representation of our products, from colour to size, with our e-commerce images, however some variation should be accepted and not seen as a fault.

It is important to be aware that any natural leather product, through use, may change in colour and texture over time. You can help to keep your purchase looking as beautiful as the day you bought it by treating it with care. We recommend using a good quality leather protector to help protect against stains and marking. Always test any product on a small hidden area first to ensure it is appropriate for the piece.

The sun and weather are damaging to our human skin and leather is no different. Care should be taken to limit exposure to heat and direct sunlight as these can cause colour fading. Keep the product dry and avoid contact with damp or wet surfaces. It is important to avoid colour transfer from dark clothing, in particular denim and dark leathers, particularly on to our natural leathers. Our darker leather bags can also cause colour transfer on to lighter clothing and surfaces.

All our products come with a cotton dust bag to use for storage and protection when not in use.